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Baseball Quiz for Early Baby Boomers: The Nicknames of 20th Century Major League Baseball Players

Do You Remember the Nicknames of these Famous Baseball Players of the 20th Century?

In honor of the beginning of the 2014 baseball season, I have put together this quiz to see how well you recall the nicknames of some of the more famous baseball players from the 20th century. The list is a sample of 30 players with memorable nicknames. If you were paying attention in the 1950s and early 1960s, you probably read about or collected the baseball cards of many of these players. 

How many nicknames can you successfully link to the players’ real names? Put the correct nickname number by the names of the players. The answers follow.  

NICKNAMES                                              PLAYER NAMES
1     Boog                                                         ___George L Anderson                                              
2   Casey (aka The Old Professor)                 ___Johnny B Baker Jr.
3   Catfish                                                      ___Ernest Banks
4   Charlie Hustle                                           ___Lawrence Peter Berra             
5   Chili                                                          ___Ronald Charles Cey  
6   Dizzy                                                        ___Tyrus Raymond Cobb
7   Duke (aka The Silver Fox)                        ___Charles Theodore Davis
8   Dusty                                                        ___Jay Hanna Dean
9   Goose                                                       ___Joseph P. Dimaggio             
10 Jolting Joe (aka The Yankee Clipper)         ___Leo Ernest Durocher
11 Mr. Cub                                                    ___Edward Charles Ford
12 Mudcat                                                      ___Henry Louis Gehrig
13 Peanuts                                                      ___Richard M. Gossage
14 Pee Wee (aka The Little Colonel)               ___James Timothy Grant
15 Pepper (aka The Wild Hoss of the Osage)  ___James Augustus Hunter          
16 Rusty                                                          ___William Francis Lee
17 Say Hey                                                     ___Harry Lee Lowrey
18 Sparky                                                       ___Salvadore Anthony Maglie
19 The Bambino (aka The Sultan of Swat)       ___John L Roosevelt Martin
20 The Barber                                                 ___Willie Howard Mays Jr.
21 The Georgia Peach                                     ___Wilmer David Mizell
22 The Hat                                                      ___John Wesley Powell 
23 The Iron Horse                                           ___Harold Henry Reese
24 The Lip                                                       ___Peter Edward Rose   
25 The Penguin                                                ___George Herman Ruth
26 The Spaceman                                            ___Edwin Donald Snider
27 The Thumper (aka The Splendid Splinter)    ___Daniel Joseph Staub
28 Vinegar Bend                                              ___Charles Dillon Stengel
29 Whitey (aka Chairman of the Board)            ___Harry William Walker
30 Yogi                                                            ___Theodore Samuel Williams

Score Results

30 correct: You are the Sultan of Swat of Baby Boom Baseball Fans (Career batting ave: .342, 714 HRs)

25-29 correct: You are the Charlie Hustle of Baby Boomer Baseball Fans (you didn't cheat did you?) (Career batting average: .303, 4,256 hits)

20-24 correct: You are the Peanuts Lowery of Baby Boomer Baseball Fans (Career  batting avg: .273 , 1177 hits)

Less than 20:  You are a minor league hitter. Time to take a remedial course in baseball fundamentals

Correct  Answers
18 George Lee Anderson, 8   Johnny B Baker Jr., 11  Ernest Banks, 30  Lawrence Peter Berra, 25 Ronald Charles Cey, 21  Tyrus Raymond Cobb, 5  Charles Theodore Davis, 6  Jay Hanna Dean, 10  Joseph Paul Dimaggio, 24 Leo Ernest Durocher, 29 Edward Charles Ford, 23  Henry Louis Gehrig, 9  Richard Michael Gossage, 12  James Timothy Grant, 3   James Augustus Hunter, 26 William Francis Lee, 13  Harry Lee Lowrey, 20 Salvadore Anthony Maglie, 15 John Leonard Roosevelt Martin, 17  Willie Howard Mays Jr., 28 Wilmer David Mizell, 1   John Wesley Powell, 14 Harold Henry Reese, 4  Peter Edward Rose, 19 George Herman Ruth, 7  Edwin Donald Snider, 16 Daniel Joseph Staub, 2  Charles Dillon Stengel, 22 Harry William Walker, 27 Theodore Samuel Williams

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