Fayetteville & the UofA

The following are links to blog entries with topics related to Fayetteville, Arkansas and the University of Arkansas. 

1950s and 1960s

Grace Reese Adkins, Fred D. Huckelberry, and the Rise and Decline of Fayetteville's Christ's Church, 1938-1981  (Sept. 2018)

Bubba's Nemesis: The Battle for the 1962 Championship of the Fayetteville Babe Ruth League (August 2018)

The Little League Star Who Left Fayetteville (June 2018)

The Season of Justin and J.D. (Dec. 2016)

Playing in the Little Leagues: McIlroy Bank, 1955-1959 (Jan. 2016)
Remembering the 1962 Babe Ruth League Season in Fayetteville, Arkansas (June 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/06/remembering-1962-babe-ruth-league.html

April 15-18, 1969: Protesting in a Tree at the University of Arkansas (April 2013) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2013/04/april-15-18-1969-protesting-in-tree-at.html

Marx, Che, Eldridge, and Seale at the Oklahoma Tire and Supply, Fayetteville (Arkansas) Square, 1970 (January 2014) 

Arkansas's Old Guard Takes on Muhammad Ali: The Symposium '69 Controversy (January 2013) 

R.D. Rucker: A Nice BAD Guy at the University of Arkansas, and Much More (May 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/05/rd-rucker-nice-bad-guy-at-university-of.html

December 2, 1969: The Night We Drove Ole Dixie Down -- And Didn’t Even Know It (May 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/05/december-2-1969-night-we-drove-ole.html

Fayetteville People

   Fred Hawn

“Fayetteville Freddie” Hawn: A Good Life in Baseball (June 2015) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2015/06/fayetteville-freddie-hawn-good-life-in.html

   Fred Starr

Fred Starr: Ozark Folklorist, Writer, and Teacher (May 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/05/fred-starr-ozark-folklorist-writer-and.html

Two of Fred Starr's Best Newspaper Columns (November 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/11/two-of-fred-starrs-best-newspaper.html

State Representative Fred Starr and Anti-Desegregation Legislation, 1956-1958 (November 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/11/state-representative-fred-starr-and.html

Greenland, Arkansas in the Late 1930s (September 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/09/greenland-arkansas-in-late-1930s.html

   Pauline Steele

Pauline Davis Steele, Fayetteville (Arkansas) Educator and Evangelist (September 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/09/pauline-davis-steele-fayetteville.html

The Books of Mrs. Pauline Steele (January 2012) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2012/01/books-of-mrs-pauline-steele.html

   Bull Hayes

Bull Hayes: Fayetteville's First African-American Football Hero (November 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/11/bull-hayes-fayettevilles-first-african.html

   Mrs. Schurfranz

The (Google) Search for Mrs. Schurfranz (May 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/05/google-search-for-mrs-schurfranz.html

   David Mullins, Jr.

From Fayetteville to Wikipedia: David Mullins, Jr (May 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/05/from-fayetteville-to-wikipedia-david.html

   J.D. Eagle

Life and Politics of Fayetteville's J.D. Eagle (May 2011) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2011/05/life-and-politics-of-fayettevilles-jd.html

Other Topics

The Defeat of Fayetteville's Ordinance Prohibiting Anti-LGBT Discrimination: Was it Fair to Have Polling Places in Churches? (March 2015)
Danielka's Fayetteville Adventure: Summer 2014 (August 2014)

The Rock Artist of Lake Fayetteville (April 2014)

Changing South Fayetteville (Arkansas) (May 2013) http://www.eclecticatbest.com/2013/05/changing-south-fayetteville-arkansas.html


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