The following are links to blog entries related to Vienna and to Austria. Included below also are links to blog entries about Ukraine, Georgia, and Albania.

In the 1910s to the 1940s

Postcard Romance: Anny Lieb in Vienna and her Friend in Styria, 1913-1914 (March 2015)

September 12, 1931: Journalist Friedrich Scheu Meets Actress Luise Rainer After Her Vienna Debut (January 2015)

Hungarian Apache in a Budapest Wurtsel: Dorothy Thompson Talks to Ferenc Molnár about Liliom and Life (November 2014)

The Scars of War, Vienna 1947 (May 2014)

Dorothy Thompson Observes the Passing of Vienna’s Coffee Houses (September 2013)


July 15-17, 1927: Days of Horror in Vienna, Austria (January 2012)


John and Frances Gunther Celebrate the New Year, Vienna, December 31, 1930 (January 2013)


ANDOR AND ERZSÉBET PÜNKÖSTI: Fragments of Two Lives in Inter-War Budapest (October 2013)


Dorothy Thompson and Sinclair Lewis Celebrate Christmas in Semmering (Austria), 1932 (December 2012)


Olly and Her Modern Dance Group in early 1930's Vienna (October 2012)


South of Hitler by M.W. Fodor: A Review Essay (September 2012)


A Great Night at Cafe Louvre in Vienna (February 2012)


Austria's Fatherland Front, 1933-1938 (August 2011) 

Finding M. W. Fodor: Fulbright, Vienna, and Me,  (September 2011)

The Assassination of Engelbert Dollfuss, July 25, 1934 (August 2011)


The End of Social Democracy in Austria (April 2011)


Austrian Anschluss: March 1938 (March 2011)



Vienna in the 50s and 60s


May Day, Vienna, 1955 (June 2012)

The 1972 Viennale Film Festival: Propaganda in the 1930s and 1940s (October 2012)


Thinking Cheap, Buying "Brown" in Austria, 1972 (October 2011)


The 1967 Fall Trip of the Institute of European Studies 

Visiting Vienna

Vienna in 1873 as Seen by a Visitor from Little Rock, Arkansas

Three Changes in Vienna, Two of them Good 

Visiting Vienna: The Nussdorf Option (November 2014)

The Past and Present of Wipplingerstrasse 27/Renngass 9:  The Site of Vienna’s Café Louvre (June 2014)

A Month in Vienna: Plan it Now! (2012)


Getting Around in Vienna and Austria: The (Mostly) Superlative Transportation System Is Getting Even Better (June 2012)


The Vienna Airport is a Mess! (But Not for Long, I Expect) (April 2013)

A Visitor's Guide to Buying Books in Vienna (February 2014)


The Search for Vienna's Best Schnecke (the Pastry, not the Mollusk) (March 2014)


My Ten Favorite Vienna Christmas Markets (December 2013)


Public Art Surprise at Vienna's Stadtpark: Stage Set, 1996 by Donald Judd (May 2013)


Spanish Songs in the Basement of Vienna's Mozarthaus (April 2012)


Grisly Results as the Song-of-the-Earth Jinx Strikes Again (March 2012)


The "Song of the Earth" Jinx (March 2012)


Thinking Cheap, Buying "Brown" in Austria, 1972 (October 2011)


A Vienna Breakfast (April 2011)

Five Best Things about Vienna in April 2011 (April 2011)


Favorite Signs in Vienna (April 2011)


Right-Wing, Left-Wing Politics in Vienna (June 2011)



Other Countries and People


Into Ukraine via Chop: Euro 2012 and Soviet Art (May 2012)


Life and Times of Mr. Tspulich of Uzhgorod, Ukraine (May 2012)

Love Locks on the Uzh River Bridge in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Old Georgian Script on a Church in the Caucasus Mountains (May 2011)

The Search for Great-Grandpa Sobotka (April 2011)


Albania for the Adventurous (June 2011)


Found History/Found Life: The Sad Fate of Ernst H. Klavon in Königsberg, East Prussia, 1945 (June 2011)


Encountering History: The Pleasure of Meeting Gita Vygodskaya (June 2011)



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