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From the 1950s and 1960s and early 1970s

"The Most Fascinating Person I ever met": My Uncle Don Timbrook (August 2020)

My Dad Meets Alfredo Apostoli, Ex-Middleweight Boxing Champion, on Saipan (July 2018)

September 5, 1967: Leaving On a Jet Plane -- The Institute of European Studies Adventure Begins (Sept. 2017)

My Mother's Quilts (Sept. 2016)

Büsum, From 1966 to 2016 (Dec. 2016)

September 5, 1967: Leaving On a Jet Plane -- The Institute of European Studies Adventure Begins

Visiting Israel, February 1968 (January 2015)

Eden's Berlin Saloons: What Was Going on in 1966? (May 2014)

Vacationing in Tulsa (May 2013)


Remembering the 1962 Babe Ruth League Season in Fayetteville, Arkansas (June 2011)


My Ultimate Basketball Career Highlight: January 7, 1963 (January 2013)


Washing Dishes at the Hotel Nordsee-Halle in Büsum, Germany, 1966 (August 2011)

Prague Spring, May 1, 1968 (May 2011)


Winthrop Rockefeller in the Back Seat of my New Cadillac: My Life at the 1968 Republican National Convention (September 2014)


Arkansas Young Republicans in the late 1960s and Early 1970s (June 2011)


Jerry Climer for Arkansas Secretary of State (October 2012)


Other Related Blogs

No Shame, No Penalties for Helping a Corrupt Authoritarian Presidential Candidate Get Elected: The Apparently Irrelevant Legacy of Paul Manafort

Thank You, Fellow Citizens and Taxpayer, For All You Did For Me (February 2015)

Danielka's Fayetteville Adventure: Summer 2014 (August 2014)

Kalmykov's Ninth (April 2011)

Encountering History: The Pleasure of Meeting Gita Vygodskaya (June 2011)

County Fairs Past and Present: Death-Defying Rides and Nifty Quilts (August 2011)

A Death in the Ozarks, March 1928 (September 2011)

Finding M. W. Fodor: Fulbright, Vienna, and Me (September 2011)

Thinking Cheap, Buying "Brown" in Austria, 1972 (October 2011)

Celebrating Ukraine's Orange Revolution: Photos of Inauguration Day, Kiev, January 23, 2005 (January 2014)


Grisly Results as the Song-of-the-Earth Jinx Strikes Again (March 2012)


The "Song of the Earth" Jinx (March 2012)



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  1. Hi There! I was just wondering around Google and found your blog. You might be interested in some confirmation about the Eden Salon in Berlin. I was a student between 1966 1nd 972 at the Free University. I wanted some extra cash and convinced Rold Eden to hireme asa bouncer. I wasabig guy atthat time, Americanwith a Cornelleducation..Whoop-Dee-Doo. I eventually became very friendly with him, managed one of the salons and spent lots of timeinhis Rolls and on thw Wansee on his yacht. Brings back memories. Now that I am a grandPa, married for 49 years and supposidly a upstanding member of thecommunity I cannot leave you my name. The wife doesnot seem to appreciate this aspect of my past