German Immigration & Arkansas

Frederick Kramer
The following three blog entries contain links to three papers that I have written about Little Rock in the Reconstruction era. They either feature Frederick Kramer, who emigrated from Saxony to Little Rock, or have him as a main character.  

Little Rock's Last Reconstruction Mayor: Frederick Kramer Beats Herbert H. Rottaken in the 1873 Election To Become Mayor During a Time of Financial Distress, Fakirs, and Political Strife,Then to Abandon the Republican Party

The Crazy Day in 1871 When Little Rock’s City Council Voted 701 Times to Elect Its President

Mayor A.K. Hartman and the Brindle-tails Usurp Little Rock’s 1870 Election, To No Avail

Pioneer Tales (from the Arkansas Echo) 

Most of the following blog entries are "Pioneer Tales," translations of newspaper articles published in the Arkansas Echo, Little Rock's German language newspaper, in 1893 and 1894. Other entries concern other Arkansas-related topics.

Introduction to the Pioneer Tales of Arkansas' German Immigrants (May 2011)


Pioneer Tales. The Good Old Days? Arkansas Echo, November 3, 1893 (May 2011)

Pioneer Tales. Merry Mät, or a Trip to the Baths, Part 1. Arkansas Echo, November 10, 1893 (May 2011)

Pioneer Tales. Merry Mät, or a Trip to the Baths, Part 2. Arkansas Echo, November 10, 1893 (May 2011)


Pioneer Tales. A Juicy Roast--OR--Who Wants to Eat With Me? Arkansas Echo, December 1, 1893 (June 2011)

Pioneer Tales. How Frank, Without Powder and Lead, Once Slew a Magnificent Deer.  
Arkansas Echo, December 22, 1893 (June 2011)

Pioneer Tales. Ernst's Bad Luck: Pioneer Tales of Arkansas' German Immigrants. Arkansas Echo.  December 29, 1893 (June 2011)

Pioneer Tales. That's the Way It's Done in Hungary: Arkansas Echo, January 5, 1894 (July 2011)


Pioneer Tales. How One Can Lose One's Way in the Primeval Forest. Arkansas Echo, January 12, 1894 (September 2011)


Pioneer Tales. Bill's Trip to the Market. Arkansas Echo, January 19, 1894 (October 2011)


Pioneer Tales: The Way You Push Things, So They Will Go (Or, You Reap What You Sow). Arkansas Echo, January 26, 1894 (January 2013)


Pioneer Tales: My First Deer Hunt. Arkansas Echo, February 9, 1894 (April 2013)


Pioneer Tales: Joseph Glanzmann’s Story of German-Speaking Immigrants Settling near Altus, Arkansas. Arkansas Echo, February 23, 1894 and March 2, 1894 (October 2012)


Pioneer Tales: Pleasant Memories. Arkansas Echo, March 9, 1894 and March 16, 1894 (June 2013)


Other German-Immigration Related Topics

Little Rock's Two Kramer Schools

"The 'Trouble' is in Existence": Philip Dietzgen of the Arkansas Staat Zeitung Wages War on the Arkansas Echo

The Failed Quest for a New German State in Arkansas and Missouri, 1833 and 1834

The Swiss Vintner, the Prohibitionist Mayor, and the Drunken Woodsman with a Cotton Hoe: An 1894 Murder in Conway, Arkansas

Arkansas' Frontier History through the Eyes of Friedrich Gerstäcker: The Conference (October 2012)


German Immigrant Gustav Klingelhöffer, Friedrich Gerstäcker's Friend in 19th Century Arkansas (October 2011)


Misfortune Befalls a German Vintner in Conway, 1894 (July 2013)


Mrs. Wittenberg's Postcard Album (March 2012)

Other Arkansas Topics

Conlon Nancarrow: Avant Garde Arkansas Composer (June 2015)

A Golwhoppin Ozark Shivaree (November 2014)

The Art of Bubbaville, Arkansas, Population 2 (September 2014)

Marching for War, Little Rock, June 6, 1970 (January 2014)


Writings of a Physician and Freethinker in Franklin County, Arkansas: 1870-1903 (January 2014)


Barry Switzer's Bootleg Boy: The Arkansas Years (October 2013)


Thanks to the Umpire, the Little Rock Rosebuds Vanquished the Hot Springs Bathers in a Baseball Game on June 9, 1894 (June 2013)

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