Birch Bay

Below are links to blog entries about Birch Bay and neighboring northwest Washington state.

University of Birch Bay Announces June Commencement Speaker (may 2014)

Univ. of Birch Bay Students and Faculty Protest Commencemet Speaker, Boycott Possible (May 2014)

UBB President Announces New Entertainments for 2014 Spring Commencement (May 2014)

The North Cascades Beckon!


Progress on Birch Bay State Park's New "Heron Center" (November 2013)


Birch Bay Update: New Pub Opening Soon (August 2013)


Birch Bay Summer, 2013: A Photojournalist Report from the Front (August 2013)


Dewfuss Clan Takes Annual New Year Bath in Birch Bay, Washington (January 2013)


Levi Montgomery: Selling Books in Birch Bay, WA (September 2012)


Music Festival on the Banks of the Mighty Terrell Creek: Birch Bay Snipfest 2 (August 2012)

July 4, 2012: Birch Bay Celebrates with Flashes and Booms (July 2012)

New Bridge for Birch Bay, WA (June 2012)

Russian Dining in Birch Bay, WA (January 2012)


January 1, 2012: Occupying Birch Bay, WA (January 2012)


Post Office Art in Ferndale WA (November 2012)



The Beauty of an Early Winter Storm in Birch Bay

(November 2011)


The Five Best Things about Birch Bay, Washington

(September 2011)


Lavender Dog Biscuits Forever! (September 2011)


SnipFest at Birch Bay: A Music Festival (August 2011)


Five Newly Built Houses in Birch Bay, WA (June 2011)


How Birch Bay Celebrates July 4th (July 2011)


Sand Castle Competition at Birch Bay (June 2011)


Birch Bay Living - June 3, 2011 (June 2011)

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