Sunday, November 3, 2013

Progress on Birch Bay State Park's New "Heron Center"

When I last checked a week ago, construction of the "Heron Center," a log cabin and roofed patio area, was moving forward smartly in Birch Bay State Park. This building, located between the park's large northern parking lot and restrooms, will serve as an education center for the park. It has an intelligent and attractive design, and it is built in a location that did not require additional removal of trees, play areas, or other valuable park amenities.

The following are pictures of the construction site:

Side view of the new structure: Restrooms are visible to the South

Front of the Heron Center: The open patio will lie under these beams

How the Center will look when completed

For more on the plans for the Heron Center and on the Friends of Birch Bay State Park, which is behind the Center's construction, see the following link:

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