Monday, April 18, 2011

A Vienna Breakfast

O.K., this is the first blog and I want to make it about something that really interests me and that anyone reading this would likely find attractive. So, here is a picture of a perfect Vienna breakfast, featuring two schnecken and some other sweet goodies. Disregarding calorie count, it is something that I could eat every day. Of course, I would want alternate it with a semmel covered with butter and Emmentaler cheese.

Like this breakfast, this blog is about things that taste great for me -- or at least interest me. The tasty topics include things Vienna, Arkansas, and Birch Bay (Washington). Also, history of the 1930s; interesting people lost to history who may be either uplifting or appalling; public policy analysis; M.W. Fodor, a journalist in Vienna from 1919 to 1938; J.W. Fulbright; unusual books; and other things that flit across the screen of a causal observer who thumbs through lots of old books.

The title for the blog is taken from my friend Natalia Gajdamashko, whose efforts to teach me Vygotskian psychology have been in vain. One day more than a decade ago she saw the decor of my house in Athens, Georgia, and, searching for something non-negative to say, she observed that it was "eclectic at best." That phrase pretty much summed up how my house looked at the time, and now it reflects the diversity of my interests as will appear in this blog.
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